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Laughter, or the art of achieving perfect health

Laughter is a powerful anti-stress weapon that lowers blood pressure. Research has made it obvious that stress is the underlying cause of pathological manifestations such as ulcers or myocardial infarction, and it is also widely believed that stress plays a decisive role in the development of cancer.

Statistics on humans show that cancer is often detected at 6-12 months after a major trauma (death, separation, breakup, loss of a job or financial means, etc.). For some individuals, repression of their ability to express their usefulness also favors the appearance of cancerous tumors.

Laughter functions as a means of stress relief, anti-stress therapy and a harmonious way of expressing positive, healing inner power. It has a protective role against the development of cancer, and seems to also contribute to longevity: even though it is difficult to prove that laughter necessarily increases life span, it is indisputable that a cheerful state of mind improves life quality.

The face reflects the state of health

Laughter, or the art of achieving perfect health
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German doctor Rubinstein even proposed treatment by laughter, which was meant to bring an improvement of the general state of people, a lasting sensation of inner comfort, a more relaxed attitude, an increased capacity to cope with stress, as well as diminished anxiety, nervousness and depression.

Laughter therapy is also useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, insomnia, headache, impotence, frigidity and all digestive functions. The therapy applies a global approach of the individual through their body, and in its context, laughter has the ability to rebalance the neurovegetative system.

Laughter is a complex activity that combines physical exercise, relaxation and intellectual involvement, and it should be added to hygiene and dietary prescriptions, as well as to learning some techniques meant to change negative behavior.

Laughter therapy allows patients to act simultaneously on mental and physical levels; if it is correlated with other types of natural therapy, the chances of success of the treatment may increase considerably.