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How to clean the microwave of dried grease – 4 methods that also make the odors disappear

You don’t need expensive cleaning products to clean the microwave oven; home practices also help.

One of the most difficult tasks at home is cleaning the microwave oven and removing the many dried-up grease stains.

No wonder many people put it off as long as they can, but with a few little tricks you can easily get the job done.

4 simple ways to clean your microwave oven

If you don’t fancy spending hours cleaning the microwave, try one of these tried and tested methods to get rid of food residue and unwanted odors.

Cleaning with lemon juice

How to clean the microwave of dried grease - 4 methods that also make the odors disappear
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One of the most powerful natural cleaners, lemon juice is also extremely useful for cleaning your microwave. All you need is a small bowl of water mixed with the juice of a lemon. Place the bowl into the microwave and run the appliance for a few minutes.

When the water starts boiling, turn it off and let the rising lemon steam work its magic and remove the food stains. After 5-10 minutes, carefully remove the bowl and then the turntable and clean that too. After that, all you need to do is clean the inside of the oven, which thanks to the lemon, is now free of odors.


The vinegar method works on a similar principle, only instead of lemon juice, vinegar is added to the water. Once again, heat the liquid for five minutes and let it stand for a few minutes. After removing the bowl, wipe the microwave clean.

You can also use a sponge dipped in vinegar juice to remove stubborn stains. Wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel and you’re done. For an even greater effect, you can even use lemon and vinegar together, adding the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of vinegar to the water.

Baking soda

You can’t miss the third frequently used household cleaning agent, baking soda, which you can also use to clean the microwave. Mix one portion of water with two portions of baking soda, then apply the resulting mixture to the food stains. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rub it off.

You can also use the well-proven steaming method here, if you dissolve the baking soda in a bowl of warm water and then heat it in the oven for 3-5 minutes. Do not open the door for a few more minutes to allow the steam to ease up the stains. Finally, wipe the oven dry.

Dishwashing liquid

Although dishwashing liquid is not a natural product, it has its advantages: it is cheap and always available in the household. Again, pour a few drops of washing-up liquid into a bowl of water, heat it for a few minutes at a high temperature, then let the steam work.

If every stain doesn’t come off, just dip a sponge in the juice and rub it on the walls of the microwave oven, until it is spotlessly clean and good-smelling.