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Anxiety and panic attacks: 7 healing messages to heal your soul and overcome fear

Everything that exists in the Universe carries a vibration, including the words we think and say.

For centuries, people used words to heal. Words can be used to share history, but also to help us express profound truths.

We can use words as medicine for the soul. You can use encouraging messages to get you through the toughest moments.

Never forget that you can use words as instruments of the mind, and remember that the right words have the power to change the way you think when you say them repeatedly. They rewrite your negative subconscious thoughts and help regain your inner strength. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, try to use these encouraging messages as emotional healers.

1. Nothing can defeat me; I will not give up my strength!

This is the most important thing you must remember in difficult moments. All you have been through, all those things that have caused your fear have trained you for the moment. You are more powerful than your fears!

2. My curiosity is greater than fear!

You do not want to see what’s going to happen and know how it all ends up? You do not want to find your peace of mind by letting things go all the way? That after all your life was meant to be like this, and you have been witness to all this? Dare to want to know what will happen.

Anxiety and panic attacks: 7 healing messages to heal your soul and overcome fear

3. I’m the courageous person who can face this situation!

Dare to believe that you can deal with the present situation you are so afraid of. What would be your best version if you were not afraid? How does the most loving, capable and compassionate part of you react to this feeling?

4. Everything changes!

Nothing remains the same forever. That which you are afraid of will disappear at some point. It will not be pleasant or easy to go through these events, but they will pass! You will look back at the things that I have taken away your peace now, and you will perceive them differently.

Do not resist fear; let it open your eyes. See what awareness these events can give you. What does the fear teach you?

5. I embrace the things I do not know and I am open to a better future!

Perhaps what is being offered is much better than you can imagine at this time. Maybe the present suffering is a path to what you really want. How about opening up to find out how it will end? Allow yourself to go further.

Anxiety and panic attacks: 7 healing messages to heal your soul and overcome fear

6. I meet every moment of my life with an open heart!

You can handle it. You can open your life. You can live this life from the perspective of love and curiosity. If you want it, it is possible.

7. I can find aspects of my life for which I am grateful.

The sentiment of gratitude bears the highest vibration. When you go through acute moments of anxiety, try to make a list of those things for which you can still be grateful for.