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How to prepare the soil in the garden in November to enjoy a rich harvest next year

In November, farmers and gardeners prepare for the cold season by protecting and improving the soil. Here are some important recommendations regarding the tasks you should focus on in your garden and orchard to continue to enjoy the autumn crops, but also to prepare for a rich harvest next year.

What to do in November in your garden

The month of November brings with it challenges and opportunities for gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. As the cold season approaches, you still need to complete some works different from what you did during the summer and early fall.

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, gardeners are still working hard to make sure their soil and plants are ready for winter. November is the right time to make changes that will benefit your plants, soil and garden.

Here are some recommended tasks for this period to prepare and protect your garden.

1. The final harvest: this month is the right time to harvest the last vegetables and fruits left in your garden. Pick any remaining pumpkins, carrots, beets, apples or pears and store them in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh.

2. Cleaning the garden: remove dead, diseased or dried plants from the garden. This prevents the spread of diseases and pests in the following season.

How do you prepare the soil for the next year?

During this month, preparing the soil for the coming year involves several essential activities to ensure an optimal environment for future crops. The most important steps you can follow are:

1. Soil enrichment: add compost or organic fertilizers to the soil to improve it before winter. These additions will help maintain soil fertility and prepare it for future crops.

2. Tilling: use a spade or plow to turn the soil and mix the topsoil with compost and fertilizers. This helps to aerate the soil and even out the distribution of nutrients.

3. Soil protection: To prevent soil erosion and protect it from the harsh winter temperatures, cover it with a layer of straw or compost. This will keep the soil fertile and protect it from frost.

Preparing the fruit garden for spring

If you want to enjoy a colorful garden after the gray winter, you need to start the preparations now.

1. Don’t worry about the drop in temperatures: you still can plant fruit trees to give them a head start for next year.

2. Plant spring bulbs: if you want to enjoy colorful spring flowers, planting bulbs such as tulips, daffodils or hyacinths must be done now. The cool soil in November is suitable for planting the bulbs that will bloom early in the spring.

3. Take care of your lawn: if you have a lawn, cut the grass short before winter arrives. Apply lawn fertilizers to provide the nutrients the lawn needs to survive the winter.

4. Protect winter plants: if you have winter crops in your garden, such as cabbage, spinach or parsley, be sure to cover them with a layer of straw or protective cloth to keep them healthy during the cold season.