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Laughter therapy – 7 ways you can do it

Laughter is probably the number one enemy of stress. If you laugh often and have a relaxed view of life, you will discover that life is much more amusing and pleasant. The medical community supports the idea that laughter strengthens the immune system and contributes to physical well-being. Medical studies have confirmed that laughter.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

• it pushes blood towards he extremities and ameliorates cardiovascular functions,
• it has an active role in releasing endorphins into the body as well as other substances that trigger a sense of well-being and soothe pains
• it ameliorates oxygen transfer and that of nutrients towards the internal organs.

Here are seven ways that help you laugh more often:

Advice #1: learn to laugh at yourself. Identify amusing aspects in your behaviour, especially certain defects and mistakes. All of us have little quirks or unique habits we can recognize and make fun of; we don’t have to take ourselves very seriously.

Advice #2: see the funny a side of every situation. People like to laugh. Buy a book full of jokes, and learn to tell them in a funny way. Humour and laughter make life much more pleasant.

Advice #3: find a cartoonist you like and follow him. Humour is always personal. What seems funny to someone may be totally bland for another person, but cartoonists find something that is funny for everybody. Find a cartoonist who makes you laugh, and save his website among your favorites or friend him on Facebook.

Advice #4: watch comedy shows. It is incredibly easy to find something funny on TV, on YouTube or other specialized sites. Type in “comedy”, “funniest video”, “funniest show” or “best comedian”‘ and collect websites and ideas.

Advice #5: take a friend along to watch a comedy. Most people love to go to the movies, and especially to see a comedy. When you are watching a movie with someone else, it is easier to laugh. Besides, laughter helps strengthening friendships.

Advice #6: play with children. Children know how to laugh and play. If you don’t have children, spend time with your nieces or nephews, or those of your neighbours. If you pay attention, you can find children anywhere. Children always make adults smile and laugh.

Advice #7: ask yourself what is funny in a situation. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem almost impossible, but they will become easier to endure if we laugh at them. People often say: one day I will laugh at this. You should try and find the humour in a situation right when it occurs.