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The benefits of nettle, the most versatile herb of the spring

Did it ever annoy you that nettle invaded your garden, or gave you a painful sting? Instead of considering nettle a nuisance, you should learn to appreciate this plant for its nutrients and many health preserving properties. After a long winter, when the body is exhausted,…


How to wash your hands correctly

The number of persons who have died in the flu epidemic is growing, and experts constantly argue that being proactive is the best way to prevent respiratory diseases. The most important factors in combating most diseases are vitamin-rich nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding…


8 signs that your body needs vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that influences the capacity of the body to assimilate calcium and build it in the bones. Normally, we obtain enough vitamin D from food and food supplements, but a poor diet or lack of exposure to sunlight may cause vitamin D deficiency, which…

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