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What your fingernails reveal about your health

We tend to think about the appearance of our nails only from an aesthetic point of view, and may spend considerable money on manicure, nail polish and nail art. However, our nails are about much more. The natural shape, surface, and color of nails are virtually a window into the…


You won’t believe what you can use clementine peels for

You probably adore the smell of clementines, but haven’t yet asked yourself what to use their peels for. If you continue to read this article, I guarantee you will never throw out clementine peels again! 1. Treat digestive problems Dry clementine peels for a few days, then…


How to consume wax cap, a very special food

Wax cap is the material that is used by bees to seal the honeycomb to preserve the qualities of its content. At first, honey has fairly high water content; therefore, bees first need to eliminate excess water and move the honey from cell to cell until the amount of water is…

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