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What people actually feel shortly before they die. The revelation of a famous doctor

What people really feel before they die. A famous doctor has conducted an analysis and relayed what happens seconds before death.

A famous doctor has revealed what people really feel before they die. One of the mysteries of passing away has thus been revealed based upon reliable information based upon an expert analysis of the subject.

What people actually feel shortly before they die

What people feel before they die is a topic that has been analyzed by professors at the University of Virginia, USA. Researchers scanned the brain of a person on their deathbed and were able to answer several questions about the passing of the dead.

The research was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience, where the researchers showed what kind of electrical signals were produced in the man on his deathbed while he was connected to an electroencephalogram.

Just 15 seconds before the man died of a heart attack, a lot of gamma oscillations were shown, which are those related to creation and retrieval of memories.

Experts believe that the temporal lobe, which is responsible for processing sounds and encoding memories, is linked to out-of-body experiences and therefore also to the memories relived by people on their deathbed.

“It is very hard to make claims with one case … but what we can claim is that we have signals just before death and just after the heart stops like those that happen in the healthy human when they dream or memorize or meditate,” lead study author Dr. Ajmal Zemmar told Insider.

How people who have near-death experiences feel

People who have gone through near-death experiences reported that most of the time they were not terrified of pain or other things, but rather felt a sense of peace and comfort.

Researchers have several theories about this phenomenon, and believe that these sensations are created by psychological changes that take place in the brain as its cells die.

Nevertheless, there are still many mysteries surrounding cases of near-death experiences because it is impossible to study them in real time, for a patient on their deathbed. Some researchers have said that it can be due to some biological and chemical reactions of the brain before death.