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Unpleasant smells in the house disappears as if by miracle if you use this solution

According to recent studies performed by researchers at Baltimore University, United States, lemon has been declared the healthiest fruit. The benefits of this alkaline fruit aren’t restricted to nutrition. Lemon may be used for solving several problems often encountered in any home.

If you have forgotten to take out freshly washed clothes from the washing machine, after a few hours they will end up having an unpleasant smell that that can be removed only with several cups of detergent or conditioner. The solution is the juice of one lemon poured into one of the dispensers of the washing machine.

Citric acid will help remove stains and unpleasant smells, and it will whiten clothes.

When we use cleaning agents that contain bleach as the active ingredient or clean vegetables such as onions and garlic, our hands will smell strongly for several hours and it is not easy to remove the smell.

Mixing soap with a slice of lemon may solve this problem much faster. Also, lemon may help to disinfect any spot or object in the house. The result is even more efficient when the lemon juice is mixed with vinegar.

Lemon juice may be used as an improvised dispenser if you stick a spray bottle head into the lemon. This way you may sprinkle chopped fruit, vegetables and greens to prevent theim from oxidizing. When the entire amount of lemon juice is used up, there is a way to use the skin of the lemon. After you cut it in helves, you may freeze them for several hours and then fill them with a scoop of ice cream. The desert will be will look spectacular and you don’t have to worry about washing dishes aterwards.