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Some things to pay attention to if you have blood type 0

Red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the blood of persons with blood type 0 do not contain any components that may interfere with the other blood groups, so those who have this blood type can give blood to anyone, but they can only accept blood from people with the same blood type.

Some things to pay attention to if you have blood type 0

This kind of blood group is special and different from others. They tend to be more susceptible to infections, but at the same time have special qualities. They are born leaders and generally successful in all areas of life. On the other hand, however, they are prone to health problems such as ulcer, iodine deficiency, water retention, obesity and various thyroid problems.

Interestingly, in Japan, people with blood type 0 are considered to belong to a certain type of personality, so everybody is asked about their blood type when they are interviewed for a job. It is believed that these people will become devoted employees because their ancestors were great hunters who had greater risk appraisal abilities. It has also been shown that people with blood type 0 are smarter than persons in other blood groups.

Hyperactivity and insecurity

Anxiety is the number one enemy of persons in this blood group, and at the same time they are hyperactive and inattentive. In addition, lack of physical exercise and unbalanced eating results in poor thyroid function, which may cause obesity.

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That is why people with blood type 0 are recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee, because substances in these drinks increase adrenaline levels. It is also recommended that they do sports 3-4 times a week in order to lower their stress hormone level, which causes excessive adrenaline production and promotes anxiety.