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Blood Type Diet: Eating for Types O, A, B, & AB

Peter D`Adamo is the initiator of the theory of a diet based on blood types. According to this theory, which foods one can eat to stay healthy and fit depends on one’s blood type. The major concern in order to remain healthy is to avoid lectins, a kind of carbohydrate protein molecules. The toleration of different lectins in various foods differs in each group of blood, and if there is any incompatibility, lectin can agglutinate cells and cause problems in the body.

Source: Wikipedia.org
Source: Wikipedia.org

Dr. D`Adamo identified the types of food that are best suited for each blood type. This diet includes 16 food groups for each blood type including meat, chicken, seafood, dairy, eggs, fats, cereals and vegetables as well as herbal teas. Each group is divided into three food categories: beneficial, neutral and harmful. Human blood groups have evolved over time, and each group contains genetic information related to the diet and lifestyle of our ancestors.

  1. Blood type 0 (the hunter) is the oldest group. Early humans were hunters, so meat (protein) was their main source of energy. This blood type is associated with high levels of stomach acidity and intestinal enzymes that consume cholesterol, so animal protein can be easily absorbed. Those who have this blood type should not eat grains, especially wheat and corn. Instead, it is recommended that they eat a diet rich in proteins (including red meat), carbohydrates and plenty of fruits and vegetables; they can also eat eggs and nuts in moderation. Avoid dairy products, beans, cereals, bread, pasta and rice. Recommended exercise types are aerobics and running. Beneficial foods that encourage weight loss for group 0 are iodized salt, fish, liver, red meat (beef), spinach and other green vegetables.
  1. Blood type A (the farmer) occurred as a result of the development of agricultural activities. A vegetarian diet is the most beneficial for this group. In terms of metabolism, Group A is the opposite of group O, meaning the secretion of lesser amounts of gastric acid and metabolizing vegetarian proteins successfully. People in group A tend to retain water in their body and accumulate body fat when eating too much meat. Their digestive system has to be protected, as the gastric juice produced doesn’t cope well with digesting meat. For protein intake, persons who have type A blood should consume peanuts and pumpkin seeds often. Complex carbohydrate diets are recommended, as well as tofu, vegetables, fruits and beans; nuts, seeds, cereals, pasta and rice are also beneficial. Among those with blood group A are the most frequent problems are related to the heart, as well as diabetes and certain cancers. Avoid wheat, dairy products, animal fats and meat if your blood is type A, and do relaxing sports such as yoga and golf. Beneficial foods that encourage weight loss for group A are foods containing soy, vegetables and fruits that contain large amounts of vitamin C, as well as vegetable oils and pineapple. Foods that promote weight gain are meat, dairy products, beans and wheat in excessive amounts. Drinks that are beneficial for group A include green tea, coffee and red wine (one serving a day); on the other hand beer, black tea, distilled alcoholic beverages and synthetic soft drinks should be avoided.
  1. Blood type B (the nomad) is associated with cultures where large quantities of fermented dairy products were consumed, and is the group with the fewest restrictions. There are, however, some foods to avoid, as they favor weight gain for group B, including corn, wheat, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds. A balanced diet is recommended including fish and milk as protein sources, as well as fruit and vegetables, cereals and meat. In case of this blood type, there is a high incidence of kidney and bladder diseases. Recommended sports are tennis, hiking and swimming. Persons of this blood type should avoid foods that contain corn, chicken and peanuts. Beneficial foods that encourage weight loss for group B are green vegetables, lean meat, liver, dairy products (low in fat) and eggs. For Group B it is particularly recommended to avoid chicken meat. Instead, it is preferable to eat red meat, especially lamb and rabbit. Beef or turkey can be eaten in moderation.
  1. Blood type AB (the enigmatic one) is a new group that combines types A and B, so it can tolerate a wider range of foods. It is recommended that persons who have AB type blood eat a mainly vegetarian diet, and consume dairy and seafood sparingly. People belonging to this group are prone to heart disease, cancer and anemia, and they should avoid red meat, corn and some beans, seeds and wheat. For weight loss it is recommended to reduce the amount of meat and add more vegetables to the diet. Dairy products are tolerated very well, especially yogurt, kefir, and fat-free sour cream.