Lose weight in a healthy way with pomelo

At the beginning of the spring it is still important to maintain the strength of the immune system, as we still have to wait a bit longer for the hot weather. The temperature remains unpredictable, we may catch a cold, and the viruses may attack too. Pomelo, besides being a guardian of the immune system, can be a helpful ally in losing weight as well.

Credit: Flickr.com

Credit: Flickr.com

The pomelo is so popular in numerous countries in the world that in many places in Asia not only the fruit is eaten, but its leaves and flowers are also used in beauty care products and in treating eczema.

Because of its high vitamin C content it is recommended to eat pomelo daily. For example, we can eat one of the giant fruits instead of breakfast. Vitamin C also helps losing weight along with its high fiber, vitamin B and potassium content.

Pomelo also improves metabolism and digestion, and it helps regulating blood pressure. Eat pomelo raw, but if you don’t like the slightly bitter taste, you can use only its juice mixed with other fruit juices.

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