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Three reasons why you should try pomelo

The fruit, a veritable vitamin bomb, has been growing in popularity lately. A single pomelo provides one third of the necessary daily intake of vitamin C.

A source of vitamins and minerals

Similar to other citruses, pomelo is exceptionally rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium; by consuming it often, you prepare your body in a natural way for cold days.

It burns fats and improves digestion

The fruit has the strongest effect in a weight loss diet when eaten in the morning, before breakfast; it helps getting rid of extra weight because of its high fibre and fat burning enzyme content.

Three reasons why you should try pomelo

The benefits of the fruit can also be enjoyed if we drink its juice only. Pomelo juice can be mixed with orange juice for a great taste, or we can flavor mineral water with it.

In China, the original country of pomelo, its grated peel is used as a spice, and its flesh is made into jam and a healthy snack.

It lowers blood pressure and protects from osteoporosis

As mentioned earlier, the grapefruit-like pomelo is high in potassium, which is proven to reduce blood pressure. Besides, the fruit’s calcium content helps maintaining healthy bones.