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Do you eat watermelon seeds? This is how your body benefits from them

What do you think will happen if you choose to eat watermelon seeds instead of discarding them? No, melons will not grow in your belly if you swallow the seeds. But will they cause any problems?

Some people are simply annoyed by the tiny black seeds and are reluctant to bite them while eating watermelon for fear that they would damage their teeth; others habitually remove the seeds from watermelon slices before they bite into the juicy flesh; and then there are those who fear that swallowing the seeds may cause a digestive problem.

Perhaps you’ve already wondered, too, if it will cause some problem if you swallow watermelon seeds. Some fear that if they get into a protrusion at the meeting point of the small and large intestine will cause appendicitis, but the real risk of this happening is relatively small.

Do you eat watermelon seeds? This is how your body benefits from them

Beneficial effects of watermelon seeds

In fact, you can safely swallow watermelon seeds without fear, as it is very unlikely that their getting into the digestive system will cause any problems. If you do not chew them, they will simply pass through your digestive system, but if you want to take advantage of the health benefits they offer, you should chew them thoroughly.

Antioxidant effect

Watermelon seeds contain almost all the essential amino acids, they are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins, and therefore they have a powerful antioxidant effect. The unsaturated fatty acids in them protect the vascular system, thus preventing the development of circulatory disorders.

Watermelons without seeds

If you still do not want to make friends with watermelon seeds, and you do not wish to waste your time removing all seeds, seedless watermelons can be a solution for you. This variety has been created thanks to careful selection and tastes the same as “traditional” watermelon.