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Do you ever eat watermelon seeds?

Some people are simply annoyed by the little black seeds and don’t like to bite on them; some remove the seeds out of habit; some are cautious to eat them for fear that they might cause gastrointestinal problems. Now we will tell you the truth about watermelon seeds.

First of all, we promise no watermelon tree will grow in your stomach.

Watermelon is eaten differently in every household. Some eat it with bread, some by itself. Some cut it with a knife; some scoop its flesh out with a spoon. Eating the seeds is the same: some of us like it, some don’t.

But what will happen if we swallow them instead of pushing them on the side?

The fact is, you can swallow watermelon seeds without worries: they won’t do any harm to your stomach or your intestines. If you only swallow them, watermelon seeds simply pass through your digestive system. However, if you would like to make use of its properties that are beneficial to your health, you should chew them!

Watermelon seeds contain almost all types of essential amino acids, are rich in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins B. Its unsaturated fats protect the circulatory system and prevent the development of circulatory disorders.

Because watermelon contains over 90% water, it helps detoxifying the body. Lycopene, which confers the red color of the watermelon, makes this fruit a strong antioxidant that fights cell-damaging free radicals.