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Dandelion syrup: a natural, simple and easy recipe

Because it’s still dandelion flowering season, we offer you a simple and easy natural dandelion syrup recipe.

Dandelion is renowned for its many miraculous effects on the body’s health. The flowers, leaves, roots and even the stems of this plant are all used to prepare medicinal products.

Dandelion is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and a host of nutrients beneficial for the body’s health. These include vitamins A, C, K, E and B, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

This plant is also rich in antioxidants which play an important role in the body’s fight against free radicals. It contains the well-known beta-carotene, which has a powerful role in protecting against cell damage and oxidative stress.

Preserve these multiple properties of dandelion in jars by preparing a syrup based on the detailed recipe below.


  • 200 g dandelion flowers
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 1 l water
  • The juice of one lemon

Dandelion syrup: a natural, simple and easy recipe


For making the best quality dandelion syrup, it is very important when and from what areas the flowers are gathered. They should be picked in the morning from unpolluted places, from hills and fields in the countryside or from organic gardens. Choose the flowers with the most open and healthy flowers.

Weigh the flowers, rinse well in several bowls of cold water, drain and cook in a liter of water. Simmer on low heat for 2-3 minutes after the water has reached the boiling point. After turning off the heat, cover the pot with a lid and leave the flowers to infuse for 8 hours.

When time is up, drain the flowers through a clean gauze. Press them well into the gauze so they can let out all their sap. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve once more and bring to the boil, adding the sugar and lemon juice.

Leave the dandelion flower syrup to simmer on a low heat until it reaches the consistency of jam syrup.

To test the consistency, put a few drops of syrup on a cold plate. If they look like firm little pearls, the syrup is ready. Pour the delicious hot dandelion syrup into sterilized jars or bottles. It’s best to use jars because this way the syrup will become even thicker after cooling and it can be scooped out with a spoon.

How to consume dandelion syrup

Dandelion syrup can be consumed in various cures. It can be added to teas, served spread on bread for a detoxifying effect on the liver and bile.

It is also very useful in digestive disorders, such as combating sluggish digestion, stimulating peristalsis with constipation, bloating or to eliminate intestinal worms.

Dandelion syrup is also very useful in the treatment of hepatitis, bladder inflammation and pancreatic dysfunction. Women are especially advised to consume dandelion honey to combat cystitis.

Drinking dandelion flower syrup is also useful for combating severe physical and emotional stress or sleep disorders.