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How to make delicious dandelion syrup

If dandelions are still blooming around where you live, make sure to collect the flowers and prepare tasty dandelion syrup.

Volumes of literature have been published on the physiological benefits of dandelion. This time, we’ll share how to make dandelion syrup. Those who tried it say that the taste is wonderful.


  • 200 g (approx. 2-3 handfuls) dandelion flowers
  • 800 ml water
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 pinch of ground cloves.


Boil up the water and add the sugar. Cook until the sugar is completely dissolved, and then add the dandelion flowers, thin slices of lemon and a pinch of cloves. Cook on low heat until the syrup begins to bubble, and then remove the pot from the heat, as boiling will destroy the vitamins. Cover the pot and wait till the next day with the canning.

The next day, heat up the syrup, but don’t boil it. Use a strainer to fish out the lemon slices and the flowers. Pour the syrup into tight closing bottles and sterilize them for 24 hours by placing them in a blanket-lined basin and covering them thickly with blankets and cushions.

Source: Transition Heathrow/flickr.com
Source: Transition Heathrow/flickr.com

When filling the bottles, it is important that you strain the syrup through a piece of gauze placed into the funnel. This way, the syrup will be transparent and clear.

Dandelion syrup is also called honey syrup because of its honey-like taste, color and density. Dilute it with mineral water or soda to make a refreshing drink, or use it in cocktails or cakes.