You’ve Been Cleaning Your Car Dashboard Wrong – You Have To Try This!

Pour some olive oil onto a paper towel and wipe off the interior of your car. The results will be astonishing.

Whoever tried this practice, will never take his or her car to a specialist again to have the interior cleaned. This is the cheapest practice ever, and it is so efficient that you won’t recognize the interior of your car.

All you will need is some olive oil and paper towels. Pour enough olive oil onto a folded square of paper towel to soak it through. Then take the paper towel and rub it all over the interior surfaces of your car from the doors to the glove compartment.

More worn areas will soak in more oil, so they can be wiped off twice or three times. By the time you are done, the surfaces that you have treated will become spotlessly clean and evenly shiny, and the colors will become brighter.

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