When this young blind woman is lead onto stage and starts singing, the crowd bursts into applause

The young woman in the video, who is almost completely blind, proves true vocal qualities and her performance so impressed both the judges and the audience in the contest “The Voice Australia”.


Rachael Leahcar is 17 years old, and she is only able to see some vague shadows and dim light. She amazes everybody with her voice, warm and powerful at the same time. In the show “The Voice of Australia” she sang passionately Edith Piaf’s incomparable song – “La vie en rose”, for which she received standing ovations that began immediately after her appearance on stage.

The jury members themselves didn’t spend too much time thinking before they turned back in their seats to see Rachael, thus showing appreciation. There was little surprise when they saw before them a beautiful young woman who put so much effort in interpreting a quite difficult and very emotional song.

Rachael Leahcar has been singing since she was 9, and nowadays she interprets songs in English, Italian, French and Spanish. She wants the public to acknowledge her as a true singer instead of a blind young woman who happens to sing.

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