You will never use ear swab again after you read this!

Most of us use ear sticks to clean our ears, but according to experts this is not really recommended, as it can lead to health problems and even loss of hearing.

You will never use ear swab again after you read this!


If you have a plug of wax in your ears, using Q-tips will cause it to become denser, and it will be more difficult to remove later; moreover, it may affects your eardrums as well.

Ear wax has its role in ensuring the health of the ears: “Its purpose is to keep the ear canal clean,” says Douglas Backous, MD.

Ear wax is also important because it has antibacterial properties and it functions as a lubricant.

When it dries out, it is enough to move the head slightly for the wax to be pushed outside; but if you want to remove it intentionally, wax will sink into your ear canal more and more, and eventually it will block the ear canal. This plug will attract bacteria, fungi and viruses.

When you get to feel like your ear is clogged and your hearing is weaker, soften the wax in your ear with vegetable oil. Put a few drops of oil in your ear and leave it in for a few minutes. After a few repetitions go to a specialist who can remove the wax. Removing the plug which is already soaked will be easier and less painful.

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