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You do a great favor to your body if you take a nap in the afternoons

Thanks to today’s busy lifestyle and 10- or 12-hour workdays, we have very little time for afternoon naps. However, if it is possible, every active adult should take a rest and have a nap in the afternoon. Studies show that this habit has life-changing effects.

Let’s look at the positive effects of afternoon naps:

1. A nap improves the mood for the entire day

Serotonin, a hormone responsible for happiness, is released during sleep. Even a short nap can help in creating a happier and more balanced mindset.

2. A nap improves memory

An afternoon nap will make it easier to absorb new information. After an hour of sleep, productivity and stamina will increase.

3. A nap increases alertness

Research from the NASA group has shown that a 40-minute nap will make a person 100% more alert and active. The effect of sleep is similar to the consumption of 200 mg of caffeine.

4. A nap improves creativity

Lenardo da Vinci slept in the afternoons whenever he could, but he slept much less at night than an average person. Afternoon relaxation increases creativity.

5. A nap increases brain capacity

The brain is bombarded with information all day long. A nap helps the brain relax and store information better.

6. A nap strengthens the senses

After a nap, the sense of smell, tactile perception and vision will be much better. Research has shown that daytime rest makes the senses stronger than sleep during the night.