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You can look 10 years longer if you practice this Japanese massage

Tanaka massage can make us look 10 years younger after only two weeks of practicing it. Those who have tried this massage reported amazing results. For the best effect, you need to master the correct technique, and practice it every day for two weeks.


The secret of the massage lies in the fact that stretching the skin makes the wrinkles disappear, and the face will look younger and fresher. The massage stimulates the lymph nodes, and helps you get rid of the accumulated toxins and water.

Tanaka massage can help to make bags under the eyes disappear. The use of oils or creams can be omitted, but according to the original recipe you may use some cotton oil, which is full with vitamins, and contains valuable omega-6 fatty acids. You may use olive or almond oil as well. The video below demonstrates the mysteries of this wonderful massage technique.

The massage takes only ten minutes a day. It is advisable do it in the morning after skin cleansing.

1. Smooth your palms down your cheekbones from the end of your eyebrows down to your neck line.

2. Place three fingers of both of your hands on your forehead, with your fingers touching in the middle of your forehead. Then smooth your palms over your face across your temple, face and neck, and down to the collarbone three times. You can repeat the procedure for up to five times.

3. Next is the eye massage: massage your bottom and top of eyelids, start again at the bottom, and go on to your temples and down your neck. Repeat three times.

4. Press your fingers onto your chin and gently massage around your mouth up to your nose. Rest your fingers on this area. Repeat the procedure three times.

5. Your nose has to be pampered, too. First massage the area under your nose, and then on the sides of your nose, all the way up to your temples; finally, bring your hands across your face down to your clavicle.

6. Starting at your chin, press up your face until you reach the area under your eyes, and then smooth your hands over your eyes towards your temples, and bring your hands down to your collarbone. Linger for a while under your eyes and lightly press your cheekbones.

7. Rest your jawbone on your right hand. With your left hand, massage your jaw bone and your face up to your eyes and your temple, and then down to your clavicle.

8. Do the same procedure three times on the other side, too.

9. Starting at the line of your nose, massage your cheeks simultaneously up to your temples, and down to your clavicle.

10. Use your wrists to massage your face starting from the chin up to the line of your ears, and then down to your collarbone.

11. Prop up your head with your hands, massage with your wrists up to the line of your ears, and then down to your collarbone.

12. With the outer edge of your palms, massage your face up to the line of your ears. Repeat two more times on both sides of your face.

13. Prop up your face so that your thumbs touch under your chin, and your index fingers meet at the ends of your eyebrows. Then smooth and stretch your face towards your temples.

14. Massage your forehead and smooth your cheeks down to the collarbone.