A wonderful aerial video of Rosu Lake and Bicazului Gorge, Romania

The following video is the first recording of a three-part drone video series on Transylvania’s natural beauties.

A wonderful aerial video of Rosu Lake and Bicazului Gorge, Romania

Photo: Sándor Ötvös

The enchanting images were filmed over the Bicazului Gorge (Cheile Bicazului in Romanian), a gorge valley in the Hasmasu Mountains of Transylvania, northeastern part of Harghita county, in the valley of the Bicazului brook. The gorge was declared a nature reserve in 1971 and is currently part of the Bicazului Gorge-Hasmasu National Park. The valley of Bicazului brook is 5 km long, the longest and most beautiful valley of the Eastern Carpathians. The almost vertical limestone rocks tower to a 200-300 m height above the narrow gorge.

Rosu Lake, located at 983 m above sea level is one of the most beautiful lakes in Transylvania. The highland landscape offers breathtaking views of bright green pastures, rushing streams, huge pine forests and winding gorges. The lake was created by a landslide that closed up the valley. The trunks of pine trees poking out from the water of the lake were conserved. According to folk tradition, flocks of sheep and shepherds were trapped and died in the quickly rising water of the lake.

The three-part drone video series recorded by Sándor Ötvös are meant to pay tribute to the natural wonders of Transylvania. Here’s the first part.

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