Woman shrieks with joy over sister’s radical transformation

Total makeup shows are popular because everybody is looking forward to seeing the beauty the stylist can reveal in a woman who at first sight doesn’t seem to be especially attractive.

Ambush Makeover, a show that runs on NBC channel now has transformed a lovely 52 year old firefighter. The woman, Corinne Staves, has five children and seven grandchildren, and soon two more babies are going to arrive in the family.

Corinne has very thick, wavy hair which she never dyed, and she doesn’t cut either, only trims about twice a year. She has been accompanied to the show by her sister, who is waiting for her with her eyes covered.

Corinne steps out from behind the stage in a new dress and sporting a new hairdo. Her sister removes the blindfold, and she is so surprised that she starts screaming and her hands are visibly shaking. No wonder, as Corinne looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful green dress and with her radiant new hair color.

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