This woman was selling fruit at the side of a street. What the young man does for her is wonderful

A spontaneous charitable gesture talks louder than a thousand words. Nowadays we don’t witness many humane acts, so such stories are becoming more and more appreciated.

This woman was selling fruit at the side of a street. What the young man does for her is wonderful

A short movie recorded several days ago conquered the Internet. In the video we can see a 100 year old woman who sells berries at the side of a street near the city of Delhi, India. At a point a young man approaches her and asks how much she wants for her fruit. The woman says she has already sold all the fruit. The young man starts a conversation asking her how old she is, and the woman responds that she is around one hundred. The man is very surprised that the woman is so old and still working. He asks her when she is going to have fruit for sale again, and she responds that she would be there the next day in the morning. At that point the young man takes out 500 rupees from his pocket and offers it to the woman as a down payment for the fruit he would like to buy the next day. The old woman doesn’t want to accept the money, saying that she might not be there tomorrow, but the man insists on her keeping the money and offers another 500 rupees.

The old woman becomes very emotional, and starts crying and kissing the hands of the man, blesses him and wishes him to be happy all his life. The man expresses his joy for meeting her and says that the woman could be a role model for everybody, being one hundred years old and still working. The woman says that age is not important for her, as she still can carry weight on her head just like in her younger days.

The story was watched by over 50 million people in only several days. The name of the young person who did the charitable act is Varun Pruthi, and he is an Indian actor who has become famous because of his inspirational videos posted on social media.

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