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Woman Marries Her Boyfriend with Brain Damage

A dramatic story: a beautiful and healthy American girl’s boyfriend needs permanent care after his terrible car crash. Nevertheless, Larissa decided to marry the love of her life, the young man, whose brain has been seriously damaged.


Ian Murphy was driving to Pittsburgh on a business trip when his car got involved in an accident. Shortly after, the man’s family and his girlfriend received the shocking news: Ian suffered serious brain damage.

Larissa, who met the young man during her college years, made a surprising decision. After the accident she moved in with her boyfriend’s family to help taking care of him. Also, she continued to dream about becoming Mrs. Murphy one day. Ian started recovering, but in the meantime Larissa’s father became ill: he was diagnosed with brain tumor. Larissa knew how much her father would like her and Ian to get married, so she made the crucial decision: she and Ian went to the local tribunal to obtain their marriage permit. ‘Although we chose marriage, we were sad about it’, said Larissa in a video.

The first photo of the newlyweds
The first photo of the newlyweds

‘We watched as all of our friends got married and they are perfectly healthy. I witnessed as my friends and sisters found themselves husbands that can dance with them on their wedding day and can take them to church on Sundays’, explained Larissa, who, in spite of all, is happy for having married the love of his life. ‘Despite all difficulties, it’s so simple: we love each other.’ The young couple’s story was narrated in a video embedded below.