This woman lives with 1100 cats. Take a look at the cat sanctuary she established

A woman from America, Lynea Lattazio, has 1100 cats. She spends $1.6 million on them every year, and yet she loves and cherishes them.

Lynea has loved cats since her childhood, and adopted her first cat 20 years ago. In a short while, she lived with 16 cats under her roof, and their number has been growing ever since. By now she has established a cat sanctuary that currently hosts 1100 cats.

She has been feeling the financial strain for the past years. She took out a loan on her home and sold her car and her wedding ring so she can provide safety and comfort to her cats. As the number of cats grew, she moved out from her luxurious home into a much smaller house. Now she lives with her cats in the middle of a huge property in modest circumstances.

The cats enjoy perfect freedom, and there is a fence around the property so they can spend as much time outdoors as they want. Lynea has 800 adult cats, 100 kittens and 100 feral cats. She says that during her childhood her parents forbade her to have a cat, and probably this is why she loves them so much now.

Lynea is a happy person with a well-balanced personality; she considers that it is not her who is crazy, only what she does.

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