A woman hears these girls laughing at their friend. Her reaction is recorded by the cameras

While eating at a restaurant, a woman became witness to a situation that she didn’t like at all. Three teenagers sitting at a nearby table were talking about fighting excess weight, and two of them tried to convince the third one that she had to lose weight, and the only solution for her would be to take weight loss pills.

While the two girls talk about the “miracle” pills, the girl who is thought to be overweight replies that she simply should eat a healthy diet and exercise instead. However, at the end she gives in, and asks her friends where she could find those pills.

This experiment is a part of an ABC news project entitled “What Would You Do?”, and it is targeted towards people who find themselves in unpleasant situations where the lives of people may be endangered. The goal of the experiment is to see whether bystanders ignore the situation or get involved.

The woman in this experiment not only starts a conversation with the girls, but she also explains to them that weight loss pills are dangerous, and the overweight girl shouldn’t strive to impress anyone, just lose weight in a natural way for the sake of her health.

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