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With this spectacular exercise, the Russian team won 1st prize at the World Championship of Acrobatic Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful sports, and its connection to the arts is very evident. Here grace, suppleness and flexibility are basic attributes, and the choreographed exercises are dreamed out by people endowed with great sensitivity for beauty.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

If we add background music to better emphasize the acrobatic elements, gymnastics turns into a show that is characterized by virtuosity and beauty, and the gymnasts’ costumes make the event even more colorful and vibrant.

At the World Championship in Wroclaw, Poland, the team with the highest score in the competition was made up of Aigul Shaikhutdinova, Ekaterina Stroynova and Ekaterina Loginova from Russia. The three gymnasts complemented each other in their high class place performance that brought them the title of world champions.

In their choreography, they harmoniously combined acrobatic elements with rhythmic gymnastics movements and with amazing pyramids with perfect balance.

Gymnasts must understand each other by glances and have complete trust in one another; otherwise they couldn’t achieve these elements of utmost difficulty. A simple slip or a small hesitation in throwing or catching their companion would reduce their score in the competition, or would even cause injury.

The energy and dynamism displayed in the choreography won a huge round of applause from the audience. Everybody was impressed by the performance of the gymnasts from Russia.