With this interpretation, they have gained a contract. You will see why after you watched the video!

Vázquez Sounds is the name of a Mexican trio consisting of siblings Abelardo, Gustavo and Angela, who have created numerous covers of songs together. Their father, musical producer Abelardo Vázquez guides their steps in their musical career.

They have recorded cover versions that often rival with the original songs. Of these “Rolling in the Deep” by the singer Adele demonstrates the perfection of Angela’s voice and the professionalism of his brothers who accompany her.

Abelardo, the older brother learned playing the bass guitar from his father. He confessed he admires him a lot for all he taught them and for supporting then in everything they do. He’s hoping to make a career in music, but for now, his next goal is to compose his own songs.

Angela says she admires her brothers for what they do and her parents because they are good people and always support them.

Gustavo says he started he started playing the drums at the age of seven, as he wanted to choose an instrument that differs from the one his brother plays.

It’s no wonder that after this vocal and instrumental performance the three siblings had an offer to sign a contract in the musical industry. If they continue to persevere, we will certainly hear from them in the future.

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