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With only a few folds, transform a sheet of paper into a very special gift bag

With a few simple folds, you can transform a sheet of plain paper into something very special.

Photo: Capture YouTube

Whenever we offer something to a loved one, we want it to be wrapped as tastefully as possible. Although you can buy gift bags at stores, if you choose to craft the model shown in the video, the surprise will be that much greater.

After carefully watching the demonstration, you will be able to make your own gift bag using a few common materials (sheets of colored paper, glue and a bow for decoration), and a little skill.

First fold a sheet of paper in half. Bring edges of the sheet to the middle and glue them over each other. After that, make the folds that will form the bottom of the bag. Start from a fold of a width of three fingers and continue folding the edges so that their overlapping width is 1 cm, in order to be able to secure the edges with glue.

The next step is to fold the edge, and then open the gift bag to place your gift into it. The most interesting part is when you create an elegant fan by successive folds. Finally, all you need to do is to tie your gift with a silk bow to make the package even more elegant.