With his sexy dance, a dentist became the star of the internet

Rich Constantine, the owner of Constantine Dental Private Dentistry, delighted his online followers with a great dance.

With his sexy dance, a dentist became the star of the internet

He presented a choreography to the song My Feelings by Drake that, according to the comments of the followers, diffuses the stress and fear associated with dental treatment.

The video was seen by 43 million people, and many watchers suddenly felt an urgent need for an annual check-up. Also, some trained dental assistants who left their profession changed their minds – of course, they would go back only if you they could work with Constantine.

Constantine confessed that it was the girls in the office who convinced him to make the video, which was a little outside his comfort zone. So he waited until everybody went out for lunch and then he recorded it. He added that his wife was not jealous; in fact she was pleased by the sudden popularity.


The handsome doctor also told that they dance a lot at parties and also organize dance contests at home.

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