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With a little nail polish and an iron, you can turn a plastic bottle into something special

Recycling plays an important role nowadays, and many of the things we would tend to throw out, we can find a new use for. By watching at the video, you can discover how you can turn a plastic bottle in a particularly beautiful bracelet just by using colored nail polish, an iron and scissors.

Photo: Capture YouTube
Photo: Capture YouTube

Who wouldn’t want to wear a bracelet so easy to make and with such a remarkable visual effect?

For a start, take a plastic bottle and wrap two pieces of tape onto it, and then cut off this section with scissors. Remove the tape and use a warm iron to smooth down the edges, making sure to press them so they turn inwards.

After this preparatory wok, all you have to do is put your inspiration into action and paint the bracelets using nail polish, creating different patterns in your favorite colors. These bracelets can always be a little gift for your friends, and they will certainly wear the colorful creations with pleasure.

Another idea would be to wrap the bracelet in fabric and sew the ends together. You can opt for materials such as satin, silk, or even lace. These bracelets can be accessorized with ribbons, buttons, or any other decoration – it’s all up to your imagination.