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Your will be appalled – the ad that shocked the whole world

The short movie presents the reality behind manufacturing luxury accessories: the repulsive and cruel truth is that dozens of animals need to die so we can buy the most trendy leather bags from brand-name boutiques. But what’s all the point in this?

Photo: ThePETAAsiaPacific/YouTube
Photo: ThePETAAsiaPacific/YouTube

The video starts as if it were an ordinary ad. We see a boutique with shelves full of gorgeous leather bags and accessories. We are lost in all the showiness and style – a common situation, isn’t it? But what happens afterwards is horrible. The products made from alligator and snake skin come alive. Their hearts start beating and blood flows from them when they are tried on.

The short movie entitled “Behind the Leather” is part of a joint campaign by PETA and the Ogilvy and Mather advertising company. The goal of the animal rights foundation is to emphasize that just a short while ago these animals were alive, and killing them was only necessary so several trendy accessories can be made from their skin.

We must ask the question again: does this have any point at all? Is it worth sacrificing these animals for something that will get in the garbage in a short while of time? Fast fashion kills millions of animals for no reason whatsoever.