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If your wife does these 15 things, make sure to keep her by all means

A good wife and a real woman is a great gift. Not everybody has all virtues a woman should have; in fact this becomes more and more rare these days. However, if a man encounters a good woman, he should keep her by all means and be thankful for having a true wife and a woman.

1. She keeps private things private

Everything that is great or not so great in your family is your common property. A good wife never permits herself to fight with you in public.

2. She trusts her man

A good woman doesn’t doubt your words, and is ready to follow you even with closed eyes, because she trusts you.

3. She doesn’t question your right for being alone

All of us need some time alone from time to time. A good wife understands this, and doesn’t become angry when her husband goes through some difficult times and wants to be alone.

4. She respects you

She sees you as a man who deserves to be respected and appreciated, and she proves this by her actions.

5. She is delicate and loving

Beside such a woman you will never feel insufficient, and you won’t miss kisses and hugs.

If your wife does these 15 things, make sure to keep her by all means
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6. She knows you

She knows and respects your principles, interests and vision.

7. She is honest

You can always trust that this woman will tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth.

8. She feels good with you

You always find things to do together, even in your daily routine. And this makes you both happy.

9. She is a good mother

It is not enough to give birth to a child to become a mother. If you see that she really cares for your children and gives them all her heart, you are a happy father.

10. She looks after your home

Your house is her treasure and your fortress. If your home is comfortable, clean and warm, you must value it, but especially the mistress of the home.

If your wife does these 15 things, make sure to keep her by all means
Photo: Pixabay.com

11. She looks after herself

She doesn’t go out in public in provoking clothes, and always tries to look nice for you.

12. She’s happy

The ability to be happy despite the circumstances is rarely found in people the nowadays. If your wife always looks happy, it is a sign that she is content with your relationship.

13. She helps you

She doesn’t make any difference between your problems and her problems; whether it is about work, money or other problems, she will be beside you in good or bad times.

14. She laughs at your jokes

…even if they are not very good.

15. She is patient

It is no wonder that in today’s stressful life the majority of people have forgotten how to control their emotions. A patient woman is a real gift. If she really loves you, she controls her emotions for your sake.

Of course, ideal wives don’t exist, but there are good wives. If you have one, love and cherish her and look after her.