Why You Shouldn’t Judge People at First Sight

We are prone to judge others – Probably all of us made the mistake of judging someone negatively at the very first glance. Now we prove why this is a bad habit.

Djado Dobri ot selo Bailovo

The 98 year old beggar in the photo lives in the Bulgarian town of Bailovo. Everybody knows him as Uncle Dobri, who uses all his money to help others. He lives in the street to meet people and talk about God’s love to them.

Uncle Dobri travels 10 kms to Sofia every day to beg and chat with people in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral.

Even if, at first sight, he looks poorer than a church mouse, he donated 40,000 Euros to the Bulgarian Cathedral in 2010, and he also helped the local orphanage. In the eyes of the local community, he is a true saint, the ultimate symbol of goodness.

The 98 year old man doesn’t spend a cent of the money he receives by begging. He lives from his 100 Euro pension, and eats food people give him.

When he was asked why he chose this lifestyle, he responded: “Once I committed a sin, and this is the way I pay for it”.




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