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Why you should add cucumbers to your drinking water

This wonderful, healthy drink is easy to prepare; all you will need is drinking water and cucumbers.

Source: Kimberly Janisch/Flickr.com
Source: Kimberly Janisch/Flickr.com

Consuming an adequate amount of water is very important for the optimal functioning of the body, and from time to time we also need liquids that are rich in vitamins and minerals. By drinking such liquids, besides hydrating our body, we can also refill our body with lots of minerals.

Water with cucumbers has a very good effect on our health and it also helps in weight loss. So if somebody struggles with excess weight, he or she has two more reasons to drink homemade cucumber water.

Losing weight requires reduced calorie intake. A simple glass of apple juice contains 113 calories, while water contains zero calories and a cucumber no more than 50 calories.

Fluid intake regulates the appetite, because if the body feels threatened of drying out, the sensation of hunger can be the result. Cucumber water protects from drying out, and it provides a few calories as well. It also has a very good effect on the skin: the nutrients strengthen the muscle cells and they reduce inflammation. Because of the vitamins A and D, cucumber water also cures hangovers.

Take an English cucumber, or two-three smaller cucumbers. Wash them well, slice them up and put them into 2–3 L water, leave them in overnight. The water will be ready to drink the next morning. You can flavor cucumber water with lemon slices, mint or strawberries.