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Why Drink a Glass of Water Right after Waking Up In the Morning

Besides the snooze button, drinking a glass of water is the most important thing in the morning. Its significance hasn’t been a secret up to now either. Drinking water in the morning can make our day significantly better. Whether you would like to lose weight or simply stay healthy, here are the precise reasons why drinking water should be part of our morning routine.

Photo: Wikimedia.org
Photo: Wikimedia.org

Water hydrates cells

After a long night’s rest, the body dries out by the morning. It is the most important thing to replace lost fluids. A well-hydrated body makes a healthy oxygen level possible in our system that, in turn, keeps us alert. Water, especially lemon water, helps flush toxins and impurities from the body. This results in better health and clean skin as well. Water also cleans the big intestines, which helps the optimal absorption of nutrients. A glass of non-carbonated water with lemon juice maximizes the functioning of the enzymes and stimulates the toxin-removing activity of the liver.

Helps lose weight

Water drunk before meal stimulates metabolism. Moreover, according to some studies, an increased water intake leads to burning more calories. Water fills up the tummy, and this way it curbs appetite.