Why do our eyes twitch?

Many people ask this question, and here is the answer: when you feel that your eyes are twitching, in fact tiny muscles are contracting around your eyes. The same phenomenon happens with muscles situated in other areas too, for example around the knees.

What is the reason for twitching?

The involuntary contraction of the tiny muscles is the result of stress or excitement. Muscles around the eyes may also contract because of tiredness or spending too much time in front of a computer screen.

How can it be treated?

Most people aren’t bothered too much by eye twitching. If you find it too unpleasant, simply take a rest – in fact, your body is signalling at such times that it needs a rest. Even a break for a few minutes is sufficient. Listen to relaxing music with closed eyes or go out for a walk and take some fresh air.

However, when you experience eye twitching frequently, it can be the sign of such serious diseases as Parkinson disease, autism or Bell’s paralysis, or even an injury of the cornea, informs Fox News.

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