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Whole plum compote for winter

Do you like plums, and you are sad that their season is quickly running out? That’s okay, you can make whole plum compote for winter.

Compote is a quick and easy way to preserve the flavor of fruit for winter. Fruit compotes not only taste delicious but also provide us with plenty of vitamins we need in the cold season. You don’t need any special methods to make compote. Just wash the fruit well and place carefully in jars. Fill the jars with water and add a quantity of sugar depending on how sweet the fruit is.

But there are also a few tricks to make sure the fruit doesn’t crack during sterilization. Below we share with you these tricks, along with the list of ingredients and the instructions for preparation.


  • 5 kg plums
  • 10 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • Water


Start by preparing the jars and their lids, which require washing and sterilizing. You can sterilize the jars together with the lids in the oven. But you can also sterilize them by boiling them in a large saucepan with plenty of water. The important thing is to wash the jars thoroughly with hot water and dishwashing liquid and rinse them well before sterilizing. Proceed in the same way with the lids.

Once you have prepared the jars, you can prepare the plums. Wash the fruit well and remove the stalks.

Opt for plums with firmer flesh, as they will preserve better. However, to ensure a delicious taste and to reduce the amount of sugar, you can also add a few ripe plums into the jars.

Distribute the plums into jars and arrange them so you don’t leave too much empty space. Handle them carefully to avoid squashing them. For riper plums, prick them in a few spots with a toothpick to prevent the plums from cracking during cooking. The syrup will seep through the holes and the plums will remain whole and full of liquid.

Break the cinnamon sticks into smaller pieces and add them to the jars after you have fillet them with the plums. Add two tablespoons of sugar to each jar. It’s important to add sugar because it also acts as a preservative, not just to sweeten the taste of the compote.

Pour water into the jars up to their necks and close them tightly with the lids provided.

Place a clean kitchen towel in a large saucepan, preferably with walls higher than the jars. Place the jars in the saucepan and pour water up to the neck of the jars. Place the saucepan on the stove and sterilize the compote for 30 minutes from the time the water in the saucepan starts to boil. After turning off the heat, let the jars cool slowly in the water.

By making this compote, you will enjoy the delicious, aromatic taste of plums during the entire winter.