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The 5 best winter fruits against cold

In the winter, unforgiving weather often makes us lose interest in healthy eating; however, this period is the most important when it comes to pay attention to proper vitamin intake. At this time, we not only have to protect ourselves from cold, but we also have to counterbalance the negative effects of early darkness. There are 5 kinds of fruit that are very important in helping us maintaining, our health and prevent catching a cold.


It may be one of the less popular fruits, but, due to its beneficial effects, quince is indispensable in a balanced diet. Quince is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps strengthening the immune system.

Persons on a weight loss diet can eat quince without any worries, as this fruit is low in sugars and is a great detoxifier. Besides these, quince has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, which tends to slow down during winter.

Photo: Basharat Alam Shah
Photo: Basharat Alam Shah


This vitamin bomb, often called the queen of fruits, is a winter fruit, as it protects our health in many ways during high exertion periods. It contains a very high amount of vitamin C, and it is alkaline, which makes this fruit protect us of disease and stress.

During winter exams or higher mental exertion in the office, it is recommended to consume pineapples; they contain a high amount of minerals and trace elements, thus speeding up thinking and reducing winter moodiness.

Photo: Wikimedia.org
Photo: Wikimedia.org


One of the indispensable citrus fruits in the winter, grapefruit is becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason. If we want to stay healthy and thin, grapefruit is one of the best fruits to consume regularly. It is a great immune strengthener, so it helps fighting cold; besides, it is an excellent liver and blood cleanser, and reduces bad cholesterol as well.

Photo: Ian Ransley - Flickr.com
Photo: Ian Ransley – Flickr.com


Many people reject this fruit because of slightly higher calorie content; however, banana is too valuable to be neglected, and it has huge health benefits especially during winter months. Prolonged darkness may cause depression, but this effect can be counterbalanced by tryptophan found in bananas. Tryptophan has a calming effect, which helps ameliorate our mood.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia


This sour fruit is one of the favorites during the winter, because it contains lots of useful nutrients. One of its less known nutrients is beta-carotene, which is very useful in refreshing skin that tends to turn pale due to the lack of sunshine.

Another interesting fact about kiwis is that, because of their lutein content, they have a beneficial effect on the eyesight. This fruit is also full of vitamin C, more so than oranges, and the amount of potassium content in a kiwi is the same as in a banana.