When the couple entered the dance floor, no one expected such choreography

Wedding party tradition requires the bride and the groom to open the evening with a romantic dance. Looking at this video, we can become as surprised as the guests as we observe the two protagonists begin to dance to a swing rhythm.


When Karolina and Wojtek decided to get married, they also wanted to give a special gift to all their friends who would join them at this very important event. Although they had no experience as dancers, they took a nine-month course in order to be able to surprise their guests.

The two have chosen a crisper rhythm instead of a traditional waltz, and replaced stylish shoes with sneakers to be able to move more naturally. Once the music started, the two went to the dance floor and surprised everyone with a very special choreography.

The pivots, turns and dance steps enchanted the guests, and they could hardly stop applauding the two.

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