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What to pay attention to when buying eggs

Do you tend to store eggs in the fridge for a long time and would like to make sure that they are still edible, or you would like to find out whether the eggs you have just bought are fresh? You may use your eyes, nose and ears to determine the freshness of eggs.

What to pay attention to when buying eggs

1. The buoyancy test

Fill a tall dish with water and place a raw egg into the water. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the dish, it is very fresh. If it floats over the bottom of the of the dish, it is not too fresh, but it still can be eaten if cooked or fried. If the egg floats on top of the water, it is not fit for consumption anymore.

2. The sound test

Shake the egg holding it close to your ear. If the egg is fresh, you won’t hear any sound. On the other hand, if you are shaking an old egg, you will hear a splashy sound from the inside, as older eggs contain some air.

What to pay attention to when buying eggs

3. The egg white test

Break the egg onto a plate and examine the egg white. The more compact the white is around the yolk, the fresher the egg. If the egg white is liquid and spreads around the plate, the egg is not too fresh; however, if it doesn’t smell bad, it can be eaten cooked or fried, but never added to mayonnaise raw.

Always handle eggs carefully. If you want to use more than one egg, break them into a separate bowl and add to the rest only when you have made sure they are good.