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What to pay attention to if you suffer from an underactive thyroid gland

Thyroid dysfunction is a common disease, which in most cases requires long-term medication. Dr. Judit Bérczy, a holistic doctor of endocrinology at Buda’s Endocrinology Center tells us what we should pay attention to.

What to pay attention to if you suffer from an underactive thyroid gland

Do not just check the TSH

Many people check the value of TSH alone, but we can get a much more accurate picture if we also check the levels of T3, T4 and ATPO. Determining TSH is not enough for an accurate diagnosis. The patient may also need a thyroid ultrasound examination.

How to take medication

Thyroid hormone medication should be taken with great care, as there are foods, beverages and other medicines which will reduce the absorption of the medication. Therefore, it is advisable to take the medicine in the morning, on an empty stomach and with water, and then wait half an hour before breakfast and an hour before drinking coffee.

An underactive thyroid gland can also be combined with gluten sensitivity

Research has shown that autoimmune thyroid disorders and autoimmune gluten sensitivity often develop together, so patients should keep a gluten-free diet – this tends to improve their medical results, and the unpleasant symptoms may also decrease or disappear altogether.

Have examinations often during pregnancy

During pregnancy, mothers with an underactive thyroid gland are not monitored regularly, although the condition, if inappropriately treated, may cause miscarriages, premature births and developmental disorders. It is therefore necessary to check the TSH, T3, T4 and ATPO values ​​by blood sampling at least once in every trimester. It is also important to know that there are changes in the thyroid function during pregnancy, so the reference ranges are different.

What to pay attention to if you suffer from an underactive thyroid gland

Pay attention to your diet

Reduce the consumption of milk, because the breakdown of casein is very difficult, which draws energy from the whole body, also reducing the production of thyroid hormone. Foods with flavor enhancers and preservatives and overcooked foods must be avoided, as they can easily upset the hormonal balance.

You may have other hormonal disorders

Thyroid dysfunction is often accompanied by other hormonal disorders. It is advisable to check for progesterone deficiency, IR, PCOS, abdominal distension or low AMH level. The control of the latter is particularly important for infertility.