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What potatoes are good for besides being eaten

Potatoes are a favorite staple in many countries, and they can be prepared in so many ways that they don’t become boring even if eaten every single day. Potatoes are very healthy if prepared in the right way. But what else can they be used for besides being cooked and eaten?

It is clever practice, for example, to put a few cubes of potatoes in over-salted soup. The potatoes will soak up the excess salt – this is the reason why it is nearly impossible to make potato soup that is too salty.

Potato peels, which usually land in garbage, can be used to clean off lime scale. Boil potato peels in water for some time, and then use the water to rinse problem surfaces. The same water can be used to clean lime scale off glass objects. If the surfaces don’t get clean enough, rub the objects with raw grated potatoes.

If the heels of old leather shoes put a pressure on the feet, rub a slice of raw potato over the shoes; this will make leather become soft again.

Soak silver and steel objects in water potatoes were boiled in, or rub the objects with raw potatoes. This treatment will remove the black spots.

Stains can be removed from clothes by rubbing grated potatoes over the stains before placing the clothes into the washing machine.