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What happens to hair you donate?

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to hair that you donated, you now have the opportunity to find it out.


There are times in life when you want a new look, and if you have long hair, you may consider to have it cut short. T this time, you have the opportunity to get involved in a very special charity. Instead of your hair ending up in the garbage can, you can donate it to a very worthy cause.

You may have often admired wigs made of natural hair, but you probably didn’t really know if the wearer wanted to be fashionable or was using this accessory by necessity. The video below shows how hair donated by various people is processed and is used to give comfort to others.

The collected hair is sorted by color and length by qualified persons, who will also manufacture the wigs. First the hair is combed out well, and then it is machine sewn on very fine mesh.

Each wig is manufactured on a smaller or larger head-shaped block. From here on, all depends on the skill and passion of craftsmen who make the wigs that will be worn by different people, from children to adults.

Sometimes the beauty of these wigs relieves the pain and discomfort of people who, for various reasons, have lost their natural hair. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t be touched looking at the girl combing her wig.

For Bridget, the little girl in the movie, the person who donated the hair for this wig will henceforth be a true friend.