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What happens if you place onion rings into your socks and wear them overnight

The sole of the foot has a large number of nerve endings that are connected to different organs in the body. These nerve endings in many cases coincide with meridian points identified by the ancient Chinese medicine, and stimulating these points has an impact on each organ in the body.

Source: onejive.com
Source: onejive.com

There are 7000 meridian point on the soles of our feet, which are, of course, connected to our organs via the nervous system. The majority of people almost always wear some kind of footwear, walk around in slippers at home, and wear hiking shoes when they spend time outdoors – even though there is no better feeling than walking barefoot on the dewy lawn.

Footwear prevents the meridian points from receiving hardly any stimulus, so it would be very important to occasionally or even regularly, walk barefoot. The soil emits negative ions, which also help to activate the meridian points.

If you want to detoxify our internal organs, and also to stimulate these points that transmit electrical impulses, all you have to do is to place some onion rings or cloves of garlic into your socks before going to bed, and wear the socks overnight. These pungent vegetables have an antibacterial effect and their active substances are absorbed through the skin, so you become protected from the attack of pathogens and your blood will be cleansed as well. This method also relieves rheumatic complaints, and it even prevents hair loss.

It is best to use organic onions, since they weren’t treated with fertilizers and don’t contain various synthetic compounds.