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What does your eye color reveal about your personality?

There isn’t any scientific base for associating eye colors and character traits; however, the associative effect of colors may remind many of us of certain personal qualities. It is an interesting game to verify how much our personality traits fit the stereotypes.  


Brown eyes

Brown eyed people are considered reliable and constant. They are determined and goal oriented; they are relentless in working towards fulfilling their plans. They have a tendency to be suspicious, which may cause them to be reserved, but their sense of humor and their kindness makes them well-liked quickly. Brown eyes suggest a sharp brain and seriousness, which often proves to be an asset when making contracts, establishing business relations and succeeding in job interviews.


Blue eyes

People with blue eyes are attractive, friendly, nice, affable and informal. They are very sociable and they enjoy large parties. They enjoy meeting new people, and they have a large circle of friends. One of the reasons why it’s easy for blue eyed people to make friends is that clear, light colored eyes are commonly associated with an honest, straightforward character. They are creative, ingenious and intelligent, and they possess high problem solving skills.


Grey eyes

Grey eyed people are nice, gentle and affectionate. They are empathetic and they help whenever they can. They are reliable, intelligent and calm, and they appreciate security and constancy. They make firm but gentle bosses, and they are well respected and liked by their employees.


Green eyes

People with green eyes are considered passionate, sometimes hot tempered individuals. They are adventurous and cheerful and very energetic. They possess a lot of creativity and artistic skills, and they appreciate original ideas. They are susceptible to jealousy, and their extraordinary ambitiousness may sometimes turn them into thrusters.