Wengenn in Wonderland

Queenie Liao is a Californian freelance photographer and a mother of three. In a series of photos, she depicts her own baby son in various fantasy scenes created with the aid of objects found in their home.


Wengenn was three months old when the first photo was taken, back in 2010. Since then, the collection grew to over 100 pieces. Because of the huge success, a Chinese book was issued that contains the collection, which soon will be issued in English, too.

For some readers, this style of photography may be familiar. The idea comes from the Finnish photographer Adele Enersen; Queenie Liao herself reiterates that the Wengenn in Wonderland series were inspired by Enersen. The Californian photographer’s creations are incredibly sweet, and the fantasy land depicted is perhaps a tad more complex and more developed than those in the Finnish artist’s portfolio.

wengenn02_resize (1)

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