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Watch this video all the way to the end. It may even save your life!

Several countries impose a hefty penalty if someone is driving while talking on the phone, writing messages, or navigating on the Internet. Apparently, there is a good reason for this, as these activities divide the driver’s attention, and in as little time as one second staring at the phone screen can have serious consequences.

Watch this video all the way to the end. It may even save your life!
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In the video below young people are asked what they use their phones for while driving. Most of them mention looking at social networks, chatting, texting while driving, or changing music playlists. They generally think that an accident simply can’t happen to them, and there is little chance that a little carelessness may cause trouble for themselves or someone else.

At this point a young girl enters, who tells them that she was 21 years old when she was driving home from the university graduation ceremony, with her parents in her car, when a driver on the phone ran a red light and hit another car, which crashed into them. In the accident both of the girl’s parents died, and she herself was hospitalized for two months and then spent another two months in the rehabilitation center, where she had to learn to walk and talk again.

He greatest pain is that her father couldn’t be at her wedding to accompany her to the altar. Unfortunately, such a story is needed to discourage young people from using their phones while driving.

A selfie is not worth as much as a life!

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