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Watch Luciano Pavarotti and Joe Cocker in an amazing duet

A good concert will give us moments of relaxation and joy, and a sense of peace. One such example is certainly represented in the following recording of the two world-renowned singers, Lucian Pavarotti and John Robert Cocker, Joe Cocker by his stage name.

Watch Luciano Pavarotti and Joe Cocker in an amazing duet
Photo: Capture YouTube

Luciano Pavarotti, a famous tenor of the 20th century, was born in 1935 in Modena, a city in Italy. The illustrious singer has remained a legend of classical music, the only opera singer ever who has sold more than 100 million records. This great artist has been known over time as a true philanthropist, raising money for those in difficult moments of life as well as for the Red Cross, and he was often awarded for his charitable activities.

One such charity event is presented in the video. In 1999, in Modena, his hometown, Pavarotti and other great international singers organized a charity concert. We have the opportunity to enjoy the soulful interpretation of the song “You Are So Beautiful” sung in duet by Pavarotti and Joe Cocker. The two voices harmonize perfectly, and it is a pleasure to listen to them!

This extraordinary piece was composed by Billy Preston, Bruce Fisher and Dennis Wilson, but it became a hit when Joe Cocker interpreted a slower version of it in 1974. Such a duet of two exceptional singers isn’t only a pleasure to listen to because of such an impeccable interpretation, but it also gives us moments of strong emotion.